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Custom Bicycle Fittings


The goal of a proper bicycle fit is to achieve a comfortable, efficient and repeatable position. Whether you want to enhance the ride on your existing bike, or are purchasing a new bicycle, Guy’s Bicycles can help you fine tune your fit for optimum performance.


Very generally, you should be balanced on your sit bones, with your pelvis forward. Your back should be flat with your arms slightly bent and your chest should be open. Weight should be balanced between your hands and the seat. Achieving this is easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here!

Although accurate measurements of your body are critical, the best fits encompass much more than mere numbers. A comprehensive fit also takes into account:
- Physical stats (age, sex, height, weight)
- Ride style. Are you a novice, racer, distance rider, etc.
- Is the fit to address a particular problem?
- What kind of mileage are you doing? Riding year round?
- Do you participate in other sports?
- What are your riding goals?
- Do you stretch?
- Do you have any constraints or injuries to take into account?


Saddle fore/aft position. Finding your proper leg stroke means more
than just how high your saddle is. Having the proper knee angle and tweaking the seat positioning can reduce lower back pain and excessive hip rocking.

Cleat Alignment. Having cleats positioned perfectly straight can create knee pain since most of us do not have perfectly aligned leg/knee/ankle bones. Sometimes a simple adjustment can eliminate knee pain, sometimes a more comprehensive program is required to address the problem.

Arm Posture. Optimal positioning has the rider’s arms slightly bent on the hoods and drop bars. Elbows fully extended can put excessive load on the neck and shoulders. No shrugging or hunching allowed!

Hand Position. You should be comfortable in all three positions of road handlebar. The pressure should be on the pad of the outer palm – not the wrist or inner palm.

Posture. Your spine should be flat or neutral when riding. The pelvis should be rotated forward to help reduce lower back pain. Correctly fit, your back will form an A-frame with the arms and hips.



BODY FIT – In a Body Fit, we take a series of measurements, which helps us determine your optimal frame size, which stem size is required for that frame, which handlebar width to use and how high your saddle should be. Since these are calculations and every person’s makeup and fitness level is unique, we like to have you in cycling shorts and shoes on the bike on a trainer. This allows the fitter to best adjust your positions for your personal needs. This service is available for riders who want to better fit their existing bikes and is free to customers purchasing a new road bicycle.

CLEAT ALIGNMENT - Although many pedal types allow for float (movement left to right while locked into the pedal,) some cyclists still can benefit from a cleat alignment. This service is helpful to cyclists seeking maximum comfort and efficiency with their cleat/pedal connection and for customers experiencing particular knee pain.


Guy’s Bicycles is fortunate to feature one of the Delaware Valley’s premier fitter, Bob Burke.

In addition to Bob’s nearly 40 years in the bicycle business and more than 40 years of racing everything from BMX to road to triathlons, Bob is also a certified Master Fitter. Since completing his advanced training, Bob has performed comprehensive fittings for riders from all walks of life, with riding goals as varied as touring and club riding to racing in Hawaii’s Ironman Competition.

We welcome you to find out more about our fitting services and how one of them might work for you!